4.0 Ah Battery Pack

4.0 Ah Battery Pack

The 18.5 V 4.0 Ah Lucid battery pack is the smart, all-weather power solution purpose-built to work with compatible SeeSnake® monitors.

Status LEDS allow users to check the state of charge before work begins. Lucid’s smart electronics protect the cells from overcharging, over-discharging, and short-circuiting. An internal aluminum chassis maintains structural integrity, protecting the cells from impact and drawing away heat more efficiently than traditional enclosures.

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    • Fits all SeeSnake monitors
    • Weatherized connections protect the battery pack from the elements when connected to a monitor
    • Cell armor protects cells from impact while drawing away more heat than traditional battery packs
    • Eligible for Lucid Renew Program
    • LED charge state indicator
    • Displays battery percentage on screen

Weight 0.63 kg [1.39 lb]

Height 72.8 mm [2.87 in]

Length 117 mm [4.61 in]

Width 77.9 mm [3.07 in]

Output Voltage 18 V

Capacity 4 Ah (74 Wh)

Discharge Temperature Range -20ºC - 60ºC [-4ºF - 140ºF]

Charge Temperature Range -10ºC - 45ºC [-50ºF - 113ºF]