1. Can I purchase the cells from you and renew the battery myself?
    No, Lucid battery packs can only be renewed by a SeeScan repair technician. Disassembling the battery pack yourself voids the warranty and causes a hazard of burns and electrical shock.
  2. What does SeeScan do with the spent battery cells?
    Spent battery cells are responsibly recycled.
  3. I need the serial number to renew my battery pack. Where do I find it?
    The serial number is located on the top of the battery pack. To view an image of this refer to the battery pack components image, located on the Operating Instructions tab.
  4. How many times can I renew the same battery pack?
    There is no limit on how many times a battery pack can be renewed as long as it is in renewable condition. Lucid battery packs are eligible for renewal under the Limited Lifetime Warranty as long as they meet our minimum renewal criteria. Under these criteria, all electronics in the battery pack, such as the circuit board, must be functional and usable for refurbishment. Battery packs returned for renewal that have been dismantled and/ or damaged beyond reasonable repair, or battery packs that have become unusable for reasons other than defects in workmanship or material, are not eligible for renewal. Damage to the external molded parts does not make a battery pack ineligible for renewal. These parts may be replaced as part of the renewal process and additional fees may apply.
  5. How does the Renew Program work?
    When your battery pack is no longer holding a full charge, ship it to us and we will replace the spent cells with new ones. You can find more information on our Lifetime Renew Program here.
  6. Can I buy a renewed battery pack without buying a new one first?
    No, you can only renew a battery pack that you purchased new.
  7. Is a multi-battery pack charger available?
    We do not offer a multi-battery pack charger at this time.
  8. Is a 12 volt vehicle charger available?
    We do not offer a 12 volt vehicle charger at this time.
  9. What do the red and green LED lights on the back of the battery packs mean?
    The LEDs indicate charge status, fault conditions, and inform you when an update is being uploaded/downloaded. Please refer to the Operating Instructions page for more information about the LED lights on the battery pack.
  10. How long does it take to charge?
    Battery packs are fully charged in about two and a half hours.
  11. What product(s) can Lucid battery packs be used with?
    The Lucid battery pack is compatible with SeeScan® and SeekTech™ locating equipment and RIDGID® SeeSnake® monitors that use 18.5 V Battery Packs.
  12. What are the key benefits of this battery pack over alternative products?
    Lucid battery packs are purpose designed for low power draw electronic devices. Premium lithium polymer cells, optimized charge rate, and individual cell monitoring ensure long run times and long service life.
  13. Why did we design and build this battery pack?
    We wanted to create a smart battery pack that provided three key benefits compared to traditional power tool batteries: all-weather use; longer run times/useful life (more charge/discharge cycles); and percentage of charge remaining indicator (with compatible SeeSnake® monitors).
  14. Will using a SeeScan Lucid battery pack in my SeeSnake® monitor void the monitor’s warranty?
    No. Lucid battery packs and chargers are manufactured to strict standards and are engineered to work seamlessly with SeeSnake monitors. Also, Lucid battery packs communicate with your SeeSnake monitor to provide additional features, like percentage of charge time left, that are not supported by other battery packs.
  15. Can I use my Lucid charger to charge non Lucid battery packs made by other manufacturers?
    No. Lucid chargers are designed to charge Lucid battery packs only.
  16. Can I charge my battery pack on the device it is powering?
    No. Lucid batteries can only be charged with a Lucid charger.
  17. Can I use my battery pack charger with a power inverter?
    Yes. Use a high quality 60 watt inverter.