Battery Pack Operating Instructions


WARNING: Read all warning labels and safety information before attempting to use this product.


Use battery pack only with equipment designed for use with Lucid battery packs. Equipment designed for use with Lucid battery packs includes SeeSnake® camera reels and inspection monitors.

Lucid battery packs come partially charged to ensure long shelf life. You may start using a Lucid battery pack right away.

If battery pack becomes hot, discontinue use. Battery pack may become warm to the touch when in use or during charging.

Ensure battery pack is completely docked onto equipment. Slide the battery pack into the battery shoe until the release latch clicks. Both LEDs flash when the battery pack is docked incorrectly. To remove the battery pack, power off the equipment, press the release latch, and slide the battery pack off the shoe.


To display the amount of charge left in the battery pack, press the release latch. Observe the green (left) and red (right) LEDs in accordance with the graphic below.

Solid Green
Fully charged

Solid Green, Flashing Red
>50% charge
Red LED flashes slowly as charge decreases

Solid Green and Solid Red 
50% charge

Solid Red, Flashing Green
< 50% charge
Green LED flashes quickly as charge decreases

Solid Red
Battery pack dead; charge battery pack

Equipment powered by a Lucid battery pack can display the available charge as a percentage on-screen. Refer to the equipment’s Operator’s Manual for details.


Plug the charger into the outlet prior to mounting the battery pack onto the charger. Ensure battery pack is fully docked onto charger. Both LEDs flash when the battery pack is docked incorrectly.

Recharge only with SeeScan brand chargers.

The battery pack will not charge until it has reached its optimum temperature range. The battery pack does not charge when the detected internal temperature is outside of the charging range.

The LED on the charger indicates the battery pack’s charge level in accordance with the graphic below.

Solid Red


Solid Green


Flashing Red

Battery pack
requires repair


Lucid battery packs and chargers send software updates to one another when the battery pack is docked onto the charger. This will occur when either the battery pack or charger has more recent software installed.

The battery pack’s LEDs will flash quickly to indicate that the battery pack is reading or writing an update. The entire process takes 2 – 3 minutes. If you remove the battery pack during installation, it will during a software update restart the process the next time it is docked onto the charger.


Flashing Red
Battery pack is reading update from charger

Flashing Green
Battery pack is writing update to charger